When purchasing a new home, your primary focus is naturally on the home itself. You’ll mainly be thinking about things like how many bathrooms and bedrooms you’ll need and how spacious the living room is. Unless you have young children, the amount of space in the backyard is generally far down the list.

However, once you have settled in at your home, the visual appeal of your backyard may become a bit of a concern, especially if you intend to have parties or invite your friends over on the weekends. You don’t want to be embarrassed because of a dead lawn or a weedy garden. If you live in New South Wales, here is a beginner’s guide on purchasing artificial turf in Sydney, why it’s a good choice and how to install it quickly.


The benefits

Firstly, there are many great benefits of purchasing artificial turf in Sydney for your home. The New South Wales climate can be very hot and humid, meaning natural lawns often struggle to survive during the harsh summer months. Fortunately, a synthetic lawn doesn’t need to be watered and won’t wilt in the unforgiving Australian sun. Because of this, you’ll find yourself saving a lot of money on your water bills.

Furthermore, artificial turf in Sydney requires less maintenance and is both pet and child friendly. You don’t have to cut the turf and it’s much safer for children to play on. Also, pet droppings can be picked up with ease and disposed of quickly.


How to install

Once you have purchased your artificial turf in Sydney, it’s relatively easy to install. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Measure the space

While a Sydney price for artificial turf is generally cheap, it’s always best to measure the space before you make your order. This is so you know exactly how much you need and don’t over-purchase. Having said this, make sure you order a bit of extra turf just in case your measurements are slightly off.

Step 2: Create a level space

It’s crucial that the ground is level before you start laying any of the turf. If the ground is a bit uneven, you might have to order some soil to fill in the ground and ensure a flat surface. Remove any existing turf or weeds embedded in the soil. Use a sharp knife so it is easier to cut out roots and remember to remove any sprinkler systems before laying your artificial turf.

Step 3: Prepare the base

There are plenty of different bases you can use before laying the synthetic lawn. Whether you choose cracker dust or a fine road base, you want to make sure that your base is compacted properly before you lay the turf. Approximately 20 square metres of artificial turf will set you back a little over $200, so you don’t want to waste that money just because you were lazy when preparing the base.

Sprinkle water over the base and compact it so it is exactly even. A rake is good during this step. As a general rule of thumb, the base should be approximately 15mm below the ground, leaving you adequate space to lay the turf.

Step 4: Lay the turf

To ensure that your lawn looks even and professional, always run it in the same direction and make sure you cut the turf, so it can fit around objects (plants and trees). Leave the lawn to settle after it has been laid, as this will remove all creases in the turf. All you have to do now is simply enjoy your new lawn at your next party!

So, if you’re thinking of purchasing artificial turf in Sydney, just make sure you are prepared for the installation and enjoy your brand-new turf!