The original development of solar system inverters was designed to convert DC to AC energy.

Whilst this remains the core exercise of these products, they have come a long way over the past 20-25 years.

Great strides in innovation have made them more flexible to certain environments, more efficient with their energy output and able to be connected to smart appliances that home and business owners utilise every day.

Enter the Sol Distribution sunny boy solar inverter, a product manufactured by German company SMA that has been rolled out to various markets across the globe including Australia.

Now local consumers are receiving the benefits of this sustainable model.

Let us take stock of what those benefits look like once it has been installed on site.

High Efficiency With Minimal Noise Pollution

A common misconception about the modern innovations within this industry is that the products can be noisy and operate a high sound volume. The sunny boy solar inverter is at the lower end of that scale to sit at a noise rating of 25dB(A). Yet this advantage does not come at a compromise to the efficiency level, providing an average performance level of 97%. This quality ensures that the product is working at optimum level, even if there are cloudy conditions or external elements attempting to affect the performance.

Lightweight Installation

Standing at a modest 16kg, the sunny boy solar inverter is a lightweight product that can be easily moved and installed at a suitable location. This makes the exercise relatively straightforward for experts and home/business owners when compared to competing items in the market. It can withstand a temperature range of 60 °C in the heat or -25 °C in the cold, illustrating its credentials for durability and consistency that runs contrary to its lightweight frame.

Online Device Connectivity

The sunny boy solar inverter provides online connectivity that works for Android and iOS users respectively. WiFi connectivity is a central facet to these modern developments and SMA ensure that their customers are covered on this front. A diagnostic for faults and alerts can be sent to various device types, including smart phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. That inclusion of remote access removes the need to be physically available to check the system and run a check from anywhere in the world, at anytime of day or night. The inbuilt Ethernet and WiFi access remains one of the core selling points offered by SMA.

Flexible User Options

There will be owners of the sunny boy solar inverter who want to have their finger on the pulse and make personal adjustments to the system to suit their own preferences. Yet there are even more constituents who simply want the product installed and allowed to work its magic in isolation. The automated features caters to both types of consumers. From the module-level rapid shutdown options to the optimization options and expanded monitoring functions, this smart application can be programmed by operators of any persuasion.

Longer Warranty Guarantees

The joy of investing in a sunny boy solar inverter for the client is that the SMA brand protects the investor for a longer warranty duration. This is showcased through a 5-year service warranty and complimented by a 10-year parts warranty. Competitors rarely extend that courtesy on both fronts. Rarely will the product experience faults or issues over the course of its lifespan, but that added level of security in the event that something should go array provides genuine peace of mind.


On a number of key benchmarks the sunny boy solar inverter by SMA is in a class of its own. Now with a strong foothold in the Australian market, local consumers can enjoy these benefits and utilise an innovation that is leading the way with domestic solar energy.