Before you start anything with a large investment you should invest a considerable amount of time researching into the field. SEO and digital marketing campaigns should be no difference as they can easily make or break your business’s online presence.

Even with hours of research from your own end, there are many things that can be easily over looked which in turn could hinder the overall performance of your campaign. Melbourne SEO experts spend years of their lives researching trends, tactics and strategies and implementing them in a real scenario. Here are some common mistakes that people make when they are first starting with SEO.

The amount of time needed

The most common mistake that people make when starting digital marketing campaigns is that they expect the results to start coming in instantly. Search engine optimisation is a strategy that takes time to see its full results come through. On average the minimum amount of time that you should expect to see results is 3 months – but over time your results will improve. This amount of time gives your website a strong foundation to set it up for success in the long run as SEO should be seen as a continuous process, not a one-off boost to your website.

Knowing the time frame that you are looking at to see results will help you convince yourself of the good you’re doing when it seems your campaign is going nowhere. A lot of people see that their campaign hasn’t really improved in a couple of months and in turn give up. When really this just makes it worse as the time and money you have already invested is lost. Stick with it and you will find that your patience is worth it.

Quantity isn’t better quality

A very common and very bad mistake that a lot of SEO newcomers make is that they think more is better. This can account for built links and time spent on content creation. In retrospect, it is a lot more viable to spend a decent amount of your monthly budget on a couple of high quality links than to have several low domain websites hosting your website and content. This also accounts for the status of your content. Don’t spam different websites with low quality content to promote your website. Quality content and quality links will build your back linking foundation.

It is also important to note that black hat SEO tactics including link spam can also get you penalised resulting in a permanent flag on your website. Agencies offering cheap and effective methods usually do these tactics that work in the short term but can leave your website crippled long term due to not being able to appear on the results page.

Neglecting your website

Another very common mistake that a lot of people overlook when implementing SEO is neglecting their website. If your website is not engaging and lacks credibility, you are wasting resources on digital marketing efforts. SEO and PPC are all about bringing people to your website. But what is more important than that is the ability to turn a lead into a client. Your website tells people what you are all about and how you can help the problem that they have. If your website can’t do that, there’s no point in redirecting people to you in the first place.

So if you are just starting SEO or are looking for some more tips this short but sweet list will surely help. Focus on making your website better through high quality tactics rather than taking short cuts.