If your child is getting braces in Hawkesbury, they may have a range of questions and concerns that need to be addressed. Will they hurt? How long will they last? And how do you brush your teeth?

It is important to prepare your child for the journey ahead to ensure that the process is a calm and straightforward one. In order to do this, it is essential to educate yourself first.

Here are three tips for preparing your child for orthodontic treatment:

1.      Have an open conversation around treatment options with your child and the orthodontist

There are several options available when it comes to getting braces in Hawkesbury. Ideally you should discuss the most suitable choice and plan with your orthodontist and child. Metal braces are the most common and reliable option for children; they are affordable and customizable. Other options such as removable tooth aligners – which are virtually invisible – may suit children who are concerned about the look of their device.

Talk with your child about why they might require an orthodontic device and what the outcome of it will be. Doing research together and supporting them in asking the orthodontist questions will help them feel empowered and included in the conversation.

2.      Explain to your child what the process will involve

Expecting a child to happily plonk themselves into the dentist’s chair and subject themselves to a range of intrusive procedures without filling them in on what’s happening is unfair. It’s normal for a child to feel a bit nervous when having braces fitted in Hawkesbury, but you and your orthodontist can ease the child’s nerves by telling them what they can expect before, during and after the procedure.

The child will have a consultation, mouth x-rays and a mould of their teeth made before the device is fitted. The first fitting will typically take the longest amount of time, as the teeth must be conditioned, the brackets must be cemented, and the wires inserted into the brackets.

mouth xray

The orthodontist should explain how to properly clean the teeth once the braces in Hawkesbury are fitted. After the fitting, your child will revisit the orthodontist periodically to adjust the wires in order to continue straightening the teeth. The device may last for 1-2 years depending on the individual.

Explain to your child that they may experience a bit of discomfort whilst getting accustomed to the brackets, but that this should only last a few days and can be remedied by analgesics such as paracetamol or ibuprofen.

3.      Prepare your child for possible dietary restrictions

After getting braces in Hawkesbury, there will be certain foods that your child is recommended to avoid. Hard, chewy or sugary foods are generally considered off-limits to people with orthodontic devices as they can damage or get trapped in the brackets. Additionally, high-sugar foods may cause teeth to be stained, which may leave unsightly markings once the device is removed. This means try to replace foods such as hard candy, toffee and prunes with things like yogurt, mashed potato and rice.

Cold, soft foods are great for soothing tender mouths and gums after the initial procedure. For the first few days after getting braces in Hawkesbury, try to avoid foods that require your child to chew too much in order to help the device settle.


Getting braces in Hawkesbury doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Ensure that you and your child are prepared for the process by having an open discussion and doing research. Stay focused on the long-term benefits, such as beautiful, straight teeth!