In any workplace, unwanted interruptions are something to be avoided at all costs. This is especially the case for those who work in an environment where they participate in a lot of calls. This calls could be over the phone or they could be via a web based software such as Skype.

When people are participating in such communication with someone, they must do everything they can to ensure that the other person feels heard. It is extremely hard to achieve this when people are interrupted during an important call and will find themselves losing track of the conversations. This can come across as dismissive and rude and may even cost someone an important sale.

The good news is that this can easily be avoided so that people in group office environments are still able to be productive. An extremely way to avoid this is by implementing a tool otherwise known as a busylight. This device flashes when there is an incoming call so that people are able to decrease the chances of missing a notification. In addition to this, the device changes colours depending on the status of the user making this the perfect tool for any office worker.


How a busylight is able to help reduce levels of stress in the workplace

When people are interrupted, little doses of the stress hormone cortisol is released into their system. When this happens over and over again, a person’s cortisol levels will eventually deplete which will leave them feeling wired, stressed, overwhelmed, and tired. As this is the case it is a wise move for people to do everything they can to ensure that they are decreasing the amount of times that their “fight or flight” response is set off throughout the day.

While it may not be possible to completely remove all stressors in someone’s life, people are able to take active steps that will allow them to reduce them greatly so that they are feeling less overwhelmed and more productive throughout the day. This will often have a ripple effect throughout an office and soon enough a company is able to curate a wonderful team who are truly happy with where they work. On top of all of this, when people reduce the amount of interruptions they have throughout the day, they may even be able to make more sales.


When a business implements a busylight, they are able to help their workers communicate with one another

Another reason why it is such a good idea to implement a busylight in the workplace is because this will often help workers communicate with one another. The whole idea of this device is not to deter people from approaching each other throughout the day but rather to encourage them to approach at the correct time. For instance, if someone is on a call and their status colour is on, a person knows not to approach.

They can instead send a calendar invite with a suggested time that they are able to get together and chat or they are able to send a private message or email. This way the person will see the message when they get off their call and they are then able to speak to the other person when it is suitable for them. This can lead to things running more smoothly in the workplace and can even help ensure that people aren’t becoming annoyed with each other.

A busylight may be a relatively small and inexpensive tool, but it certainly does pack a punch when it comes to increasing productivity in the office.