How can you as a smoker and digital consumer avoid being shortchanged when shopping for online bongs?

There are new players and brands emerging in this niche each and every year and whilst that adds to competition and drives down prices in some sectors, there are still outlets who look to value the profit motive over the interests of the customer.

Here we will examine a handful of helpful strategies that will allow you to pick out the good from the bad and the value from the overpriced.


Clear Return Policy

There will be time when you look to buy online bongs and are feeling confident about the nature of the purchase, the expected delivery time, the price and the quality of the model that has been promoted on the website. Yet for whatever reason there is a logistical issue that compromises the transaction. Perhaps it was lost in transit, was broken during transportation or the quality was not what was illustrated originally. To avoid being shortchanged, you should do your business with a brand that has a clear and coherent return policy, allowing for a refund to take place by using their own words to protect your investment. These policies are legally binding.


Customer Warranty

Whilst a clear return policy is great to access, a comprehensive customer warranty is even better. Online bongs always have the lingering threat of being compromised during transit, like any other purchase that is made over a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop – think furniture, IT, clothing, power tools or food. A warranty will ensure that you can enjoy the item for a certain length of time (ranging anywhere between 12 months to 4 or 5 years) and if there is a fault or it is compromised, a replacement can be issued.


Appropriate Bong Size


Beyond the logistics of the sale itself, purchasing online bongs is about securing an investment that will give you the best possible hit that you can as a smoker. There are new glass and metal items that are making their way onto the market where there is more value for the hit than ever before. They might look to be a simple device from the outside looking in, but size does matter and it is proportionate to the quality of the smoking experience. From the base to the bowl and the chamber to the mouthpiece, the size of the circumference and diameter range will ensure that the smoker is not shortchanged.


Cleaning Kits

It does not matter if you are sourcing online bongs or products in-store – having cleaning kits made available for your purchase can genuinely extend the lifespan of the investment whilst protecting your health at the same time. Alcoholic wipes accustomed with a cleaning apparatus can wipe away that residue where unwanted chemicals can linger and even though glass models are easy to clean, they still need to be conditioned and managed appropriately.


Upgrading Options and Loyalty Points

In 2019 there will be many businesses who instate marketing schemes to entice more buyers back to the market. Online bongs can enjoy those same privileges as shoppers seek to upgrade their current model and perhaps take advantage of loyalty points through a provider. Customers are often shortchanged when their loyalty is taken for granted or there is not an appreciation for tobacco smokers who want to progress from a small plastic model to a large glass cylinder that gives more bang for their buck. The incentive should always be there to upgrade on the product whilst enjoying a cut down price given the initial investment.