Let’s face it, anyone can move furniture, but not many people like to do it. It is a job that requires plenty of heavy lifting with twisting and contorting at angles neither your body or your furniture is really designed to go in.

Add to that the stress of shifting high end furniture and delicate household items, or the wrapping and packing and then the unpacking and unwrapping that needs to be done at the other end, and the weight of moving can start to seem like a burden even heavier than a grand piano.

So before you start to stress, why not consider a premium removal service. Here’s a list of some of the services they can offer to make your transition into your new home or workplace as smooth as possible.


A premium removalists service will be able to provide you with a team to safely wrap and pack all your household items. An experienced team will come in the day before and safely package up all the items you designate and have them ready to be shifted by the removalists the next day. This will save you hours of time with the added bonus of not having to chase up boxes and wrapping and packaging materials as they will all come provided as part of the service and included in your overall price.


Go for premium removalists

If you thought hiring a premium removalist to have them safely wrap and pack your household items was a breeze, then wait until you try their unpacking service. With all the moving logistics organized and your goods safely transported to the other end, you can engage your premium removalist to have them unpack your items and store them away in whichever part of the house you choose at your new destination.

Corporate Relocation-

You may not realise it until you start the process, but many corporate relocations can turn out to be a lot bigger jobs than expected. Along with furnishings, there can be years’ worth of accumulated files and folders that have been stashed away and forgotten about but need to come along to your new place of business. A premium removalist service can take all the hassle out of this process and provide a secure document delivery service as well the usual furniture transportation from your place of work or business suite.

Experiences handlers with full insurance cover-

Whilst anyone can lift a piece of furniture, are you sure you want to trust just anyone with a priceless setting or a family heirloom? A premium removalist will not only be able to provide you with experienced removalists, but they will also have access to the best quality transport equipment whether it be packaging, loading ramps, lifting equipment or tie down implements so you can be confident that your treasured piece will arrive in one piece. If all else fails, than in the very least you can have peace of mind that a premium removalist will have premium insurance cover.

Fast and reliable delivery times-

Whether you are relocating to the next suburb or moving interstate, by engaging a premium removal service you know that your goods will arrive on time, every time, in the exact same condition they left your previous address in. Combine this reliability in with a premium packing and unpacking service and you will be resting easy and back at work in your new place of business, or with your feet up in your new home, before you know it.

All because you made the smart choice to engage premium removalists.