Got a couple of glass bongs laying around that don’t get any use? Or perhaps you’ve been given one but it doesn’t suit your style? One of these seven creative uses for glass bongs could be just what the doctor ordered.

Oil Pourer

Yes, we know that most shops that sell glass bongs do so under the title oil pourer, but this is because they can actually be used as one. Many things need oil so why not use yours for the marketed intention if it’s just laying around?

Fancy Vase

Flowers require both oxygen and water to stay happy for as long as possible once they’re cut and glass bongs make surprisingly good vases. Simply drop in some sugar to help your flowers stay healthy longer (yes, this old wives tale can actually work), fill it up with some nice fresh water

Plant Pot

If you’re a plant parent (or an aspiring one) why not consider turning one of your glass bongs into a plant pot? Anything that is capable of being filled with soil can be used to house a plant and this is a great way to improve the air quality in your home while also helping the environment by recycling. Plus, you’ll probably get a giggle out of the fact you’re using it as a pot. We recommend lucky bamboo or other plants that grow from a long skinny stalk purely because of the size of the opening but feel free to get creative with your plant selection. As long as whatever you’re planting has room for its roots and can be properly watered, the world is your oyster when it comes to making your plant selection.

Light Feature

Glass bongs

Not really into plants but still want to turn your unused glass bongs into design elements? Why not get crafty and turn them into light features? Fairy lights can easily be placed within or wrapped around glass bongs to create some stunning lighting options and as long as the construction is done properly, you won’t have to worry about safety concerns as glass bongs are generally non-combustible.

Drink Server

If you’ve ever been to an “anything but a cup” party, you know that people can get pretty creative with what they drink out of. If you’re stuck for an idea next time you go, consider cleaning out and using one of your glass bongs.

Essential Oil Diffuser

While fancy aromatherapy diffusers are wonderful things, you can craft your own at home. Most essential oils simply need to be added to water and left to do their thing if you want to receive the scent and health benefits from them so glass bongs are the perfect container to do this with. You’ll obviously see better results with a purpose built diffuser but if you’re into DIY or simply don’t want to spend a lot of money on an essential oil diffuser, this is a great option.


Finally, if all else fails, simply use your glass bongs as storage. They’re quite good at keeping small items such as screws or nails all in the one place but you can also use them to store paper clips, as a pen or pencil holder or for keeping pretty much anything else small enough to fit in them. We’re particularly fond of the pen or pencil holder idea but this will obviously depend on the height of your glass bongs vs the length of your pens and pencils as well as whether you actually have need for this type of stationery.

Please note that all uses outlined in this article will require you to clean your glass bongs before actioning the idea if they’ve been used for other purposes previously.