Whether you call it microblading or tattooing, the practice of eyebrow tattooing in Sydney has taken off. The professional semi-permanent brow-filling procedure has witnessed a major rise in popularity in the last few years.  

All around the city women are lining up outside their local brow salons to have eyebrow tattooing Sydney done.

Want to find out everything you should know about the procedure? Read on below.

It is uncomfortable (but the results are worth it)

There’s no avoiding the fact that eyebrow tattooing in Sydney is a painful procedure. Before a microblading treatment, most professionals suggest going to the pharmacy to receive a topical anaesthetic to keep the area numb. Go to the pharmacist and acquire a topical anaesthetic for yourself and your artist since it’s illegal for your artist to use one that isn’t prescribed to you. Without this numbing cream, the procedure can be a bit unpleasant.

Once the treatment is complete, the area treated should be considered a wound which means you should follow the proper steps of wound care.

If you had a major wound on your body, you wouldn’t scrape it with soaps or apply cosmetics to it every day. Everything, including excessive perspiration during the first seven days, might have an impact on the healing process. So, consult with your artist to find out the best way to let it recover.

To ensure that your brows heal properly, most experts recommend speaking with your eyebrow tattooing Sydney artist to find out how their past customers recovered.

Ask for images of your brow artist’s work that illustrate the healed outcomes.

Know the risks

There is a possibility of scarring after the incision has healed, as there is with any wound. Having your brows tattooed for an extended period of time might leave scars on your skin. The first microblading will be alright, but two years later, the touch-up treatment has to be done differently to avoid damaging the skin.

In order to identify a good eyebrow tattooing Sydney artist, you must do your homework.  If you have keloid scarring, microblading may not be the best option for you.

It’s not a long term solution for thinning brows

Eyebrow tattooing Sydney

Even though eyebrow tattooing in Sydney may go a long way towards making your brows seem thicker or denser, it is not a long-term solution.

Keep in mind that it’s not a fast remedy for your brows. The brow tattoo begins to fade, and many of my customers who have it done still fill in their brows every day. Over the course of a year or two, the colour may become red, orange, or yellow, necessitating colour correction.

Have a trial consultation

Getting an eyebrow tattoo is the greatest approach to find out how your skin will respond and what the colour of the ink will be. Before you commit to a full-scale tattoo, you may try out the process.

An hour-long eyebrow tattooing Sydney consultation involves the application of a modest amount of brow tattoo lines on your brows. In order to assess how the brow tattoo will heal and if you like the effects, this little application is hidden within your eyebrow hair. Also, you’ll know how much pain, if any, you’ll be in throughout the procedure.

It’s semi-permanent

Many people think that the microblading process will last forever, but it’s not deep in the dermis of the skin. Unlike older tattoos, microblading is a process that is designed to fade over time, which means there is some upkeep. Without regular intervention, your eyebrow tattoos will disappear and go back to normal.