It’s the middle of winter in the North East of the United States. There is not a lot going right in the country at the moment. The political landscape is turbulent and as Will makes his way through the snow he can only think of one thing, the Rheem hot water waiting for him when he gets home. The cold is inescapable. He has been through 24 winters in his life time, but you can never get used to it. The cold of winter always hits you hard. Autumn never fully prepares you for it. One day you have a light jacket on while stepping over dead discoloured leaves and the next, they have all but gone, replaced by wet pavements and colder temperatures. Your light jacket no longer suffices, and you are covered head to toe in warm clothing thinking of hot water cylinder more than you’d care to admit.


Summers are warm and dry, 4 months long and provide a welcome respite from the harsh winter. Spring only lasts a month or so but then it’s into summer with its glorious sunshine and new beginnings, spring had brought hope that the colder months are over and now in June you know they well and truly are. So much so that Rheem hot water is barely thought of.


Now it’s well and truly on Will’s mind. Standing at 6 foot 5 inches and built like a fridge, Will likes to see himself as a tough guy, he plays rugby which is unusual in this part of the world as well as lacrosse. Two sports that only the bravest can play but when it comes to the cold temperatures of January and February he is a pussy cat. Rheem hot water is never far from his thoughts and he dreads going outside during the colder months.


After each training session, he runs to his car, starts the engine and sits perfectly still until the car has heated up while he imagines being under a shower with Rheem hot water providing much need relief from the harsh elements outside. Finally, the car is warm enough for him to drive and he speeds home hoping that nobody is in the shower and that he can run directly upstairs into the bathroom. Will always forgets that since they installed Rheem hot water the days of queuing for the shower are well gone. It no longer takes an age to heat back up and they can use the shower as much as they need without precious minutes being wasted.


Rheem hot water is the invention Will never knew he needed. He had been waiting in line for the shower daily as a kid and thought that was the only way. Luckily, he knows better now. After a bit too long under the hot tap, Will dries himself off, gets changed into some warm clothes and bounds down the stairs eager to catch the end of the game on television while eating his dinner.


Will is a creature of habit and every evening after training, he likes to have his dinner in the living room while he switches his attention between his phone, plate and television. With all that, he also has a cup of hot tea. One which he made using the Rheem hot water. A vital addition to said routine as it saves yet more seconds during his day. No longer does he wait what seems like an eternity for the kettle to boil. He can have boiling liquid on demand and he takes advantage going back for a second cup, knowing he never had life so good.