Traffic offence lawyers will help you escape the conviction you may or may not deserve. They will fight tooth and nail to make sure that you don’t get that fine or that prison sentence your crime deserves. They will call in favours from anyone they know that can help you while they will do all the research they can into precedents that will set you free. What they can’t do is make sure that you don’t commit the same crime again and again. They don’t even want to do this because traffic offence lawyers in Melbourne VIC need all the work they can get.

There are plenty of reasons to hire traffic offence lawyers in Melbourne. But what are the most common reasons for people to seek out the help of these top legal professionals.


Drink Driving

drink driving

Driving under the influence of alcohol is still a huge problem in Australia, especially in rural parts of the country, much like rural parts of countries in most developed nations. There are less cameras and safety measures taken in these parts of the world compared to major cities where governments make it a priority to ensure there is zero tolerance to driving having consumed alcohol. Outside major cities, there is also said to be a lack of education for younger drivers especially about the perils of driving under the influence of alcohol. While living in cities and suburbs you can’t go 1 kilometre without seeing an advert or warning about alcohol, it is not the same situation in areas that are less densely populated, making this a popular reason for enlisting the help of traffic offence lawyers in Melbourne.


Driving while using a device

Traffic offence lawyers in Melbourne are regularly called to defend those who have been caught on camera using their mobile phones or other devices. With new laws bringing into effect the use of better technology to catch those breaking the rules of the road, it has become easier for law enforcement to catch the perpetrators leaving traffic offence lawyers in Melbourne busier than they have ever been. Using your phone, tablet or any other device while sitting at the wheel of a car, even when parked can be a fine waiting to happen. It seems unfair but anything that breaks the concentration of the driving is said to be dangerous. So, to ensure that there are less accidents and fatalities on the roads, these preventative measures have been implemented. There are numerous adverts on our screens warning against these bad habits too, so ignorance is not an excuse.


Breaking the rules of the road

We have all been there. Rushing to a meeting, however inconsequential it is, we see the light go orange speed up and by the time we are going through the lights it has changed to red. We know it but go through anyway hoping that we won’t be caught. The decision makers and powers that be have become stricter than ever when it comes to incidents like this and more than likely you will be caught and left needing traffic offence lawyers in Melbourne. They can do everything in their power to help you but when the incident has been caught on camera there is not much that can be done. You and your legal professional can be left powerless all because you didn’t want to miss the closing time of your favourite take out restaurant.

If you find yourself accused of any of the crimes above, reach out to traffic offence lawyers in Melbourne. They will help you and guarantee you a premium service.