Many people end up emptying their bank accounts on certain food items thinking this is what they need, yet they end up unsatisfied with it. Rather spending on not so full- filling and only attractive looking items, try putting money on these healthy yet cheap products which would surely leave you delighted;

  • Dried Beans

Certainly a better option instead of canned beans. Canned beans can even be addictive because of calcium disodium and salt, which is certainly less healthful than dried beans. Besides, it happens to be more expensive, so it’s time you reconsider your choice in beans.

  • Local Fish

When the local fish are in abundance, the prices tend to go down and its quality increases. If you are not able to find local fish then opt for Canadian or American caught, also try avoiding sea-food coming from Southeast Asia or China due to its regulatory concerns.

  • Bulk Oatmeal

If you are one of those who purchase single packets microwaveable oatmeal or boxed cereal than try going for bulk oatmeal. Not only the raw oatmeal is a healthier and cheaper choice than the refined cereals but is also long lasting and is used in various ways. Whether you need it for the meatloaf instead of breadcrumbs, soaking the oil spill, or just drizzle it along with maple syrup.

  • Apple cider vinegar

This is useful for house cleaning and dietary purposes, isn’t that awesome. This can also be used in drinks and salad dressing but for that you have to choose the brand which says ‘the mother’ on it, that means it is unpasteurized and raw with active and live cultures.

  • Castile Soap

The whole purpose of the Coles is that it contains almost everything you need. So why spend on separate cleansers to clean different surfaces of your home, rather buy the castile soap which can be used for all purposes. So switch to castile soap and save that extra penny, and enjoy using it for multiple purposes.

  • Popcorn Kernels

The preserving of microwave popcorn is questionable; moreover, the buttery bags are too expensive, so why not get a huge bag of amazing popcorn kernels? For your next weekend put it on stove, add little hot oil and make your own. It definitely is more satisfying, cheap and of course fun!

  • Toothpicks

Yes, we have added that too in the list. It just does not clean your teeth but is also useful in taking out dirt in the most tiny places and crevices, so if you are loaded with these you might also not lose the tape end on a cello tape.

  • Plain yogurt

Many of you opt for the flavoured ones. But sticking to the plain yogurt is a thoughtful choice. Also, if you dislike its tangy taste then make it sweeter by adding maple, fresh fruit or honey. It can also be useful for your beauty treatments, cooking, household tasks as well as brass polishing.

So don’t ignore these options when you next visit your nearby supermarket.