Most of the time people think of printed balloons are cheap party accessories that merely get discarded once the event or party is over. However most people are completely unaware of the full potential that these types of decorations has to offer. They are so much more than a room filler to the point where they can even grow small businesses. Sometimes doing something a little bit different can have enormous benefits for you and your event

If you are thinking about throwing a function or an event and don’t know what decorations you should use, we have you covered! We’re going to go through some unique ideas for printed balloons to really spice up your next function or celebration for a loved one.


Brand logos

Now brand or company logos being printed on balloons may seem clichéd but they offer a great perk to your business. Children love these things and will go crazy if they get their hands on one. You can use this to your advantage by giving them out at an event. This tactic is most effective if you are hosting a fundraiser barbeque or running a stall at a local carnival or fete.

When you give out the printed balloons you essentially get a small newspaper boy showing off your company to everyone they pass. It’s a no brainer that the bright colours can catch your attention from a mile away so having someone walking around with one helps a lot. Now imagine several of children running around promoting your brand for you. These decorations are wasted if they are simply just hanging on your tent. Pass them out and reap the rewards.


Centre pieces

Another unique use for these decorations is centre pieces for tables. If you are hosting a casual party or gathering that requires seating, instead of using cards you could have a printed balloon as the centre piece. Imagine having the family name of a table floating above it to help people find where they need to go.

This idea is also a great excuse for an instagram moment which again is free advertising for you. Instead of you promoting your brand you’d be promoting your event which could lead to people going to your website or social media pages to check out what the gathering was really for.


Convey a special message

balloons with happy birthday print

Special moments call for special celebrations and messages. Using printed balloons to tell the world something special is a brilliant and unique idea to shy away from traditional methods. Baby gender reveals are a great opportunity to test out this style. It can be even more special if you get one of your friends to find out the gender and to pick out the balloons so you to are surprised when you see the message or colours.

Additionally nothing tells someone to get better than a nice shiny printed balloon by their hospital bed. They may seem obnoxious and in the way at first but every time that person sees it they will think of you and know that you care. It’s that simple to be with someone during tough times to show them your support and love.

If you are ever tossing up the idea if you should get printed balloons for your next event or not, the answer is definitely yes! If you are sick of the traditional ways that people use these decorations follow some of these suggestions. They’re just a few unique ideas to help you transform your event or message into something special.