There reaches a certain age in life when handling things becomes exhausting and almost impossible. This happens with old age, and it becomes difficult to tackle simple tasks like lifting fairly heavy items.

In this situation, most households will assign caregivers to help you maneuver around with ease. Thanks to the Australian Government, the elderly in the country can breathe a sigh of relief. This is because the government funds a series of support services that enable people to be independent for longer in what is known as My Aged Care.

In the article, we talk about ACAT assessments Sydney to find out what it is all about and the processes involved.

What are ACAT Assessments Sydney?

ACAT stands for Aged Care Assessment Team. It is a team that provides much-needed support to older people in the country. Therefore, ACAT Assessments Sydney identifies and examines the needs of aged people. The assessments aid in the provision of government-financed care and support. The care and support recommendations include home care, elderly home care, and short-term care.

However, the funds are only released after applying. Once that happens, ACAT assessments Sydney begins working to verify the support and ascertain eligibility. Applying for any of the above services, you will be set to perform a physical assessment with ACAT.

Who is eligible for ACAT assessment Sydney?

You can receive My Aged Care once you are 65 or older. An exception is made for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people, where the eligibility age starts at 50 years. However, this does not necessarily mean that once you get to 65 years, you can automatically apply for the funds. Some people around this age can get by without needing extra help.

Your healthcare provider or loved one may help to recognize that you need support when handling some tasks. Once you find difficulties performing tasks, you can always ask for help because there is no shame in doing so. When you receive this government funding, you can pay for the extra support you get from your caregivers. Also, the ACAT assessments Sydney will determine whether you can receive home-based care or admit to a home for the elderly.

The Process of applying for My Aged Care

ACAT assessment Sydney

Before receiving any funding from the government, you are required to carry out the necessary processes.

1.       Eligibility confirmation

You are required to first confirm your eligibility to access government-aid for care services. This can be done via a phone call to 1800 200 422 or online. The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes. During the call, you are asked;

  • Your age
  • The services you are interested in
  • How you perform daily tasks
  • Health concerns and history

For face-to-face assessment, you are required to provide the following; 

  • Details of your Medicare card
  • Contact details
  • If you can assign someone to respond on your behalf (provide their details)

2.       Arrange for a face-to-face assessment

The second step is to have a face-to-face assessment at home or in the hospital. Let a family member or caregiver accompany you throughout the process.

During this process, you will discuss health and lifestyle, things you can perform without help and those you can’t, family or friends support, and doctor referrals, if any.

The ACAT assessments Sydney will devise a plan that includes your preferred services and service providers near you.

3.       Income and asset evaluation

This process evaluates the amount you can afford to pay for aged care services funds. You will wait up to 6 weeks for the results of the evaluation.

4.       The outcome

After completing the above processes, you will get a letter that shows the following;

  • Approved aged care services
  • Support plan
  • Unique referral codes

Once you a package is allotted to you, you are given at least two months to find a service provider.


You can follow these steps to get government funds for the elderly. These funds are essential in helping older persons to remain independent.