Marketing professionals spend years studying their craft and learning about consumer behaviours that shape how dollars are spent.

This informs much of what business does behind the scenes, altering the message and investing their own equity into endeavours that attempt to garner a healthy return on investment.

In 2019 the field of marketing is in something of a state of flux, with traditional outlets still banking on word of mouth and print advertising as their main form of promotion.

One of these traditional forms that are overlooked is the concept of balloon decoration, items that carry a certain perception among marketers to be a luxury reserved for specific occasions.

Yet they happen to be one of the most cost efficient modes of promotion to pass on many benefits to the company if they are utilized effectively.

Let us explore why that is the case and why your business should be embracing the balloon.


Low and Competitive Production Cost

When a marketing item can span anywhere between 5 inches to 8 feet in diameter only to cost cents on the dollar per item, balloon decorations make sense when you speak to an accountant. From posters and billboards, flyers and magazine articles, there are other physical forms of promotion that simply blow out the budget to obtain eyeballs from the public. Weighing up the balloon against these other options only leads managers to conclude one thing – that they make financial sense given their competitive production cost.


Position Flexibility

Name your place and balloon decorations can fit into the interior or exterior of a location. From a store opening out the front of a main street to an office party inside, the roof of a premises to notify passers by, or to highlight an area of a department store that has a special offer – the flexibility speaks for itself. Managers can get caught in purchasing a marketing tool that has a singular purpose or position, but the balloon does not fall into that category.


balloonsUsed For Specified Events and Seasons

Is it Valentine’s Day? Why not issue a set of love heart-shaped balloon decorations for the shop front? If it is during the Christmas rush, there is every chance to incorporate company logos onto Santa and sleigh merchandise fitted for an inflatable balloon as well. From Easter to summer seasons, promotional giveaways, bonus offers and freebies for the customer, this method to broadcast to the public can be customised to suit any event or season that you wish.


Crosses the Demographic Divide

Young children and the elderly agree that balloon decorations catch the eye and are fun to enjoy. Much of what we think about marketing is cynically dividing people up into groups or demographics, targeting them for their interests and offering things that they would respond to. The balloon does not discriminate – the same principle that applies with fireworks.


Lightens the Brand Image

There is a public relations angle that is evident with balloon decorations when it comes to the brand image. These are items that inform the public that they are open, warm, welcoming and friendly to the community. We do not consciously think this way about companies we come across, but they are evident on a subconscious level.



Securing bang for buck is impossible to guarantee in the commercial world given all of the circumstances and factors that are out of the control of a business. All we can do as managers is read the behaviours of the consumer market and from the evidence that we read and what we see with our own eyes, balloon decorations provide a cut-through and keep costs low to justify their ongoing existence. Don’t let anyone tell you they are just for kids parties because they offer results.